Letter From the Founder

After a long and successful career in the world of advertising sales and media marketing, I started a new journey that led me to recruiting for the business that I had learned so well. My depth and breadth of experience spanned magazines, television and out of home sales. In addition I was responsible for running media services for a $100 million+ media brand in the late ‘90’s.

With my unique background, I brought a keen eye for identifying talent, coupled with the first person experience necessary in understanding unique differences in corporate cultures and expectations to my recruiting efforts. These insights have enabled me to build strong, qualified and diverse staffs for a variety of clients over the past ten years. I can proudly point to several clients that I have been working with continuously over that time span.

I understand that finding the ideal candidate, goes beyond the expectations written in a job description. It includes genuinely listening to clients and making the effort to get to know their brand and something about the people they have working in their company.

Whether we’re working with a Fortune 500 or a start-up, we treat each client with the personal attention that comes with the intimacy of a boutique recruiting firm, while providing the highest quality of candidates gleaned from a rich database of executives I have built over the decades.

Markham Media is additionally a resource for job seekers who are l ooking for a recruiter who will treat them respectfully as individuals and aim to match them with companies best suited to use their skills and continue to build their careers.

We are probably in the most exciting and challenging time the media industry has experienced. I recognize that with that challenge comes theimportant responsibility of finding the brightest, most creative and innovative talent with the best education and experience possible to shape the future of the industry.

I hope Markham Media can help you in finding your next key player or in placing you in a position that will lead you to success.

Beverly Weinstein President, Markham Media


Beverly Weinstein


With the explosive growth and change in media and entertainment, today’s professionals have to wear many hats. At Markham Media we recognize that finding top talent to lead the way is more important than ever.

For over a decade we have been working with senior and executive level managers across the media, entertainment and technology sectors to identify the changing trends in industry and bring a depth of understanding to today’s hiring challenges and needs. With a rich database of executives from across the country, Markham Media has its finger on the pulse of the media world.Our staff has hands-on experience in media, sales, and marketing, which gives us unique insight into today’s media companies and the skills required of an executive. We work tirelesslyto find our clients the perfect match for their goals and we place our candidates in roles that position them for a bright future.